Jack of all Trades

A referral portal, where we match your request with a pre-approved supplier/service provider

No more pulling your hair out - Just call Jack... 

Jack of all Trades, is a service portal, where only approved suppliers (approved, met in person and known to us) are listed.

Jack of all Trades, at this stage does NOT charge any of our service providers to be on the page, and nor do we charge any commission or anything else to any parties. This site has been created on the giver's gain principal, meaning that if we can refer business to those that we have developed relationships with, the universe will reciprocate, and our own respective businesses will continue to thrive.

We take what we do very seriously, and would appreciate honest feedback on any service received from any of our trusted service providers.

Please note we do NOT mention every providers name on this website, as we need to filter the requests, as we do not want to waste their time with non-related requests, nor are we trying to create yet another web directory. This website is a service platform, where you can request an introduction to a great supplier for whatever your need may be.